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For Your Lunch Break

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Important Information About Joining
You'll notice that this community is pretty restrictive when it comes to posting stuff. Yes, I'm controlling like that. It's not that I don't trust you, it's that I don't trust the masses. If you want to join, by all means, submit a request. But please send me an email with a little blurb about you. It can be as simple as "I like new links and clicking on stuff" or you can get elaborate and tell me your life story but please, please, please, don't request to join without doing so. Especially if your journal is friend-locked.

Back in February 2006, I started sending out emails to all my friends with lists of links to some of the interesting, entertaining and occasionally disgusting places I'd come across in my internet wanderings. I titled them "For Your Lunch Break" because I would send them out in the mornings before going to class so that recipients could read them during their lunch hour. Since then, I've been sending out the emails weekly and plan to continue doing so for the forseeable future.

Ever since For Your Lunch Break #50 went out, I've been getting comments from recipients of my lovely list, letting me know that their inboxes were getting full because they were saving all my emails! Well, I don't want everyone to have full inboxes because they want to save all the links so I decided to create a livejournal community where I could archive all the old lists, and make sure I wasn't repeating myself!